We are excited to announce our participation in the FENS Forum 2024, the largest European congress dedicated to neuroscience, taking place from June 25 to 29 in Vienna. The teams from the Therapy Development Department and the Research and Development Department, under the guidance of Prof. Ilaria Decimo, will present the development of the REMaST®️ therapy (Regenerative Educated Macrophages Self Transplantation).

The FENS Forum represents an important platform for experts in the field, covering all areas of neuroscience, from basic research to translational research. This congress offers the opportunity to discuss and share significant innovations and progress in the field.

Presentation of the Preclinical Results of REMaST®️ Therapy

During the forum, our scientists will present a poster dedicated to the preclinical results of the development of REMaST®️ therapy. The laboratory study focuses on analyzing the influence of regenerative macrophages on the repair of nerve tissues. This evaluation was conducted using methods and controlled conditions typical of in vitro studies, highlighting the potential of this technology in promoting tissue repair.

“Participating in the FENS Forum represents an exciting opportunity for Hemera to share our progress in the field of neuroscience,” commented Prof. Ilaria Decimo, Director of Research and Development. “We are thrilled to present the promising results of our therapy and contribute to the discussion on new frontiers in the treatment of neurological disorders.”