Ethics and numbers in the Aldo Cocchiglia’s interview on 7GOLD TV channel

Apr 28, 2022 | Press Review

The interview with our Chief Executive Officer in the television show 7InPunto, aired on April 14, begins with a seemingly simple question:

Who is (and not: what is) Hemera?

Let’s find it out from Aldo Cocchiglia’s passionate narration.

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The key points of the interview

Some passages of this interview are particularly significant and can be useful to understand the decision to create a company to support the process of transferring research findings to clinical application.

An uncommon path of acceleration – as they say in the world of technological innovation – to obtain a pharmacological product gone through all the phases of clinical experimentation and approval by the EMA.

How was it possible for Hemera to take this little traveled path in Italy?

The similarity with scientific research is particularly effective! Aldo comes from a long experience in the Silicon Valley – where he was “reprogrammed” like the cells of Hemera to make the growth paths of innovative companies effective. [min. 3:38-5:40]

Etica e numeri dell’impresaEthics and numbers

Effectiveness means rigorous control of times and costs to keep the bar straight towards the goal. A goal, the development of a drug, which Aldo reveals to be closer and less expensive for Hemera than the average medical-scientific experimentation. Data in hand, we are in the order of 5-6 years and 5-6 MLN euros. [min. 06:25-07:25]

To date we reached 1.5 million euros in funding raised by 100 free citizens through a “network of networks” that can expand without limits to small and large supporters. This because Hemera belongs to everyone, since we are all potentially exposed to the risk of serious spinal damage during our lives. [min. 07:30-09:23]

This is the reason why supporting Hemera is a form of altruism and selfishness at the same time, as the journalist Antonella Prigioni points out. Even financing this enterprise is not a form of charity, but a high-potential investment for 2 main reasons:

  • ETHICS – selfish (!): go down in history for having contributed to the progress of everyone’s health.
  • PRIDE and uniqueness: Hemera is an all-Italian team and a unique challenge of its kind.

[min. 10:45-13:20]