Interview with Cristiana Vignoli, protagonist of the month on Il CUBo

Feb 8, 2023 | Press Releases, Press Review, Press Review

Cristiana Vignoli, CEO of Hemera is the protagonist of the month for February in the online magazine Cubo.


In the beautiful interview by Luca de Poli published at the beginning of the month in the online magazine Il CUBo, Dr. Cristiana Vignoli talks about her role as Chief Executive Officer of Hemera.

Leading such a cutting-edge company in one of the most innovative sectors on a global level is an extraordinary and beautiful challenge. An ambitious and complex task, in which I feel the responsibility and the urgency to give a perspective of autonomy and a possible therapeutic alternative to the 500,000 people in the world who fall into this condition every year that could affect any of us.

It is this perspective and the solid determination of Dr. Vignoli to make Hemera a case of entrepreneurial success and to attract the interest of the author who wanted her to be featured this month for the magazine. His career path is an inspiring model for students and recent graduates who want to pursue a career in the life sciences world.

To young people who love life sciences and dream of being the scientists of tomorrow or the biotech and pharmaceutical entrepreneurs of the future, take your dreams seriously.

In his role as head of the Health area of Azimut Italia, Luca de Poli dwells on the goals achieved by our Biotech and on the methods of financing the project, which aims to raise the capital necessary for the development of new therapies for highly disabling diseases by anyone interested to an investment with a strong character of social responsibility.

Hemera has chosen a new democratic investment formula with a high social and ethical impact, knowing that, as Dr. Vignoli reminds us:

All investments in the biotechnology sector such as Hemera require patient capital, have high risk profiles, but very high potential and the returns on investment in case of success are much higher than in other sectors.

Read the full interview on the February issue of the CUBo.