Giuseppe Dastoli


Operational Director, Clinical Trial Unit and Phase 1 Unit at Fondazione MBBM | San Gerardo Hospital – University of Milan, Bicocca

Giuseppe Dastoli graduated from the Medical School of the University of Pisa and earned a specialization degree in Clinical and Laboratory Hematology from the same University. After a few years of clinical activity in the Hematology Department of the University Hospital of Pisa, in 1990, he began his career in the pharmaceutical industry, gaining significant experience both in Big Pharmas (Roche, BMS) and in biotech companies (Pharmion, Cell Therapeutics). From 1995 to 1999, he was part of the Roche International Global Team for the development of new drugs (Rituximab, Capecitabine, Herceptin). From 2003 to 2005, he supported the start-up phase of the European branch of a company based in the United States (Cell Therapies), holding the position of European Operations Manager. In 2005, his strong entrepreneurial instinct, combined with the proven ability to steer a company growth, led him to set up Eudax Srl, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to support biotech/start-ups and academic institutions in the pre-clinical and clinical phase of drug development. He has a significant experience in organizing, supervising, and conducting clinical trials, both First-in-Human and in more advanced stages, with special reference to the development of advanced cell therapies. From 2006 to 2009, he was President of the public/private consortium CONTEM for stem cell research, headquartered at the Milan General Hospital (Policlinico). Since 2015, he assisted in the development of a gene cell therapy for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia based on CAR-T cells, generated at the Tettamanti Research Center in Monza directed by Prof. Andrea Biondi. He has excellent leadership skills and proven success in evaluating the potential of new medicines through the definition and implementation of strategic plans and the creation of networks of opinion leaders.

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