Aldo Cocchiglia


Fundraising Advisor

Aldo graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Padua. He is a Technology & Business Manager with extensive knowledge in various sectors, in particular biomedical, and a solid experience in developing and launching new technologies and entrepreneurial initiatives. In over four decades, he has held numerous positions – including CEO, R&D, and marketing roles – in companies operating in different countries. Aldo has an extensive work experience in the Silicon Valley, where he established an important network between companies and local financial, academic, and commercial institutions. Aldo is also an entrepreneur of several technology start-ups which he led to successful exits. In his career of starting and consolidating companies around the world, he has managed teams of up to 50 people, made up of marketers, applications engineers, and program managers. Aldo is a pragmatic and results-oriented leader, with a balanced approach between R&D and business results and a particular focus on tight cost control and team motivation. He is a collaborative and reliable team player, intellectually curious and passionate, a development engine for the realities in which he operates.

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